Hyaluronic acid – is that a cosmetics panacea?

More and more manufacturers of cosmetic creams and serums include hyaluronic acid in the formula. Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisturizer found in the human body and it is able to bind the water.

Mysterious molecule

Although hyaluronic acid was discovered already in 1934 its more widespread use in medicine and cosmetology observed relatively recently.

Since hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, the skin recognizes it and very well absorbs it. Cosmetic manufacturers have long used it in their products, but research continues as the scientific challenge is to reduce the weight of hyaluronic acid molecule to a minimum. It also depends on how deep into the skin, this substance will enter. If the hyaluronic acid molecule is large, it will work at the top layer of skin, creating a plan bracing layer of moisture on the skin, which fills fine lines. By contrast, smaller molecules are able to penetrate deeper into the dermis layer and not only moisturize but also to carry out bio-restorative function.

The earlier, the better

The use of cosmetics with hyaluronic acid can be started as early as 20 years of age. Of course, it must comply with the manufacturer’s instructions for a particular age group the product is intended.

In the cosmetics for young people, hyaluronic acid molecules will be much larger than in anti-aging skin care products. As smaller is the molecule as easier it is to penetrate deeper into the skin and offset the natural decline of hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Cosmetics intended for use over 35 years of age must be carried out not only moisturizing function but also to stimulate a synthesis of a new hyaluronic acid. Some manufacturers offer cosmetic creams containing a combination of different molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which provides a significant effect to upper layers of the skin and its deeper layers as well. In any case, it is clear the sooner we start to use cosmetics with hyaluronic acid, the longer you will be able to keep your skin tone, elasticity, and youthful appearance.

Is there an alternative to injections?

Not really. Popular is also the injection of hyaluronic acid, which can be injected just enough deep, and at the exact place where it is necessary. Of course, the intensity of exposure to the cosmetic product will not be as strong as an injection, but both of these methods have different tasks. The injection lasts for a certain time, but cosmetic products moisturize skin, make it more flexible and more resilient in the long term.

You also can try one of those so-called Botox alternatives as there really are lots of anti-aging creams that claim to be as strong as Botox injections. We are not saying that with anti-wrinkle cream you will gain exactly the same results as with injections but as there really are people who have gained impressing skin renewing results you might think of trying, at least, few of them. You have to choose carefully before actually buying anything you should check out as much as possible real reviews from people who have actually tried the particular product. One of those skin products that has come into our attention is LifeCell anti aging cream which also is called all in one anti-aging cream, we are not giving you any guarantee that you will look like after a plastic surgery but it definitely is worth to try as there are thousands of people who are pretty satisfied with the skin improvements results. Before actually ordering it you should read at least some of LifeCell anti- aging cream reviews available online.

As a means to reduce the signs of aging

Over the years, we all will reduce the amount of hyaluronic acid in our dermal intercellular space, and the skin will begin to lose the ability to attract and retain needed moisture. To a large extent, this is due to the rapid contemporary lifestyle, stress and environmental pollution that accelerates the natural degradation of hyaluronic acid. Skin deteriorates, it becomes drier, and wrinkles begin to appear. Therefore, cosmetics with hyaluronic acid is an excellent solution that allows you to restore the natural moisture levels, increases the elasticity of the skin and reduce the signs of aging skin.

What are the biggest enemies of hyaluronic acid?

The biggest part of the hyaluronic acid in your body will decrease in the influence of sunlight or artificial tanning rays. If you want to keep your skin beautiful and delay the signs of aging, avoid excessive sun doses. Like hyaluronic acid deplete stress and excessive use of medication, even computer emissions and magnetic fields will contribute to a reduction of hyaluronic acid in your body.

Skin care in winter – what exactly is important – moisturizing and feeding of your skin

Although as we have been delighted about the summer tan, the sun makes drier the face and body skin and hair as well. We have compiled tips to help skin recover moisture balance of hair and become more powerful and brilliant.

Skin care as a complex approach

To restore the water balance, the skin is necessary to saturate the moisture ingredients. Therefore, it should use cosmetics, which is composed of collagen, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, aloe vera and other ingredients that attract water and regulates the moisture level. It is desirable to pay special attention to the eye area because here skin is thinner and more sensitive and wrinkles – more pronounced. A special eye cream is to be incorporated into the cosmetic winter shopping list. If appeared pigmentation spots you should go to a specialist who will recommend appropriate facial treatments. Complementary recommended using a special skin bleaching anti-pigmentation cosmetics. As the sun continues to affect the skin during the winter season, from creams with UV filters should not be avoided altogether. If it seems that the skin after the summer is tired and lost tone, we recommend you products with vitamin A, which helps restore the elastin and collagen fibers. At the same time, the skin must be regularly cleaned as then vitamins and active ingredients will be better absorbed.

Give your skin the best

In winter, dehydrated skin symptoms can appear in all types of skin and body care priority in this time of year is a skin feeding. But this does not mean that the cream should be heavy and oily, as such a tool can not to penetrate the skin, but to create not breathing layer, thus impeding the movement of oxygen. For a short time, it seems the skin is moistened, but after a while dryness returns. Therefore, body care products can also be light consistency, but it should be enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If the cream absorbs into the well, so it is directly what the skin was needed. Otherwise, choose another product. Dry skin may be caused by the lack of fat, in the summer we use a lighter meal. It is, therefore, necessary to introduce certain adjustments in the diet, for example, in the morning, drinking a teaspoon of vegetable oil and nuts including in diet and legumes, which offset the fat and a positive effect on skin condition.

Weather hair restoration real relaxation and bathing

Dry, brittle, dull hair is harmful ultraviolet rays most direct consequences. This means that a resort to hair restoration cures. When choosing hair care products, you should look after the special, restorative products. You might have serious problems if the hair is dyed. It turns out that natural pigments are resistant to ultraviolet rays much better while the artificial color molecules ultraviolet rays deplete quickly and continues to damage the hair, the deeper into the structure. In order to achieve greater resumption of funds effects hair with shampoo is recommended to wash twice, then dry them in a towel and only then apply conditioners. Once a week is recommended medicated hair mask containing minerals, vitamin E, panthenol, a variety of natural oils. To get to the beautiful and thick hair, a diet is desirable to include legumes, dairy products, eggs, cod liver, fish oil, oranges, carrots, pumpkins, cabbage, and celery and parsley.

What you should know about cold sores, or how to protect the skin of your lips

Herpes virus goes hand in hand with immunity, and seemingly a visual defect cause is found in our body. In other words – of life. Why is it always threw out at the wrong time? Do you remember the situation when an important event is expected, but in the previous day unpleasant surprises cold sores on the lips appeared? It is no accident, stress, lack of sleep and poor make their own meals.
Herpes infection is enclosed damage or inflammation of the facial part. And the most widespread virus of the herpesvirus family called HEPRO simplex. On average, we ourselves are carriers of the herpes virus, the same knowledge. In addition, this virus gets while still we are in mom’s tummy. The virus lives in your own individual life spinal cord posterior horns and everyday life of himself does not perceive. But various environmental factors- as emotional, the physical – the influence of the herpes virus becomes active, and their habitual residence leaving for the visible – the skin – part.

Traveling virus

Of course, not always to blame it is emotional experiences. Herpes virus activation may contribute to the rapid change of temperature, Freezing, immunocompromised before or after the illness that results in reduced skin defenses.
If you are not to blame themselves, another way to get infected is a contact on the way to others. The virus can be passed on not only to the physical contact but also objects which touch infected person.

For example, eating with her spoon at cold sores can be a second. Often mothers before giving baby food themselves on their taste, in a situation where the mother has a fever she can pass to another child. Infection can also be given by kissing. These two factors – physical contact and rapid changes in temperature – creates ideal conditions for the further spread of the virus. However, long-term external environment virus is flimsy, that’s why you should not be afraid of contamination of the items, which once touched the cold owner. In addition, social contact can only catch the virus in an active period. A man whose spinal cord posterior horns lying virus can not pass to another.

Easy to settle scar

The most common cold rushes to the side of the red lip, at the nose, nostrils but they can just as well be in any other part of the face – the eyelid or the mouth, tongue or palate. Herpes on the face are infectious, so touching the damaged areas by hand, the virus can be transferred elsewhere on the body. If the damage affects the mouth and the pain is so unbearable that it is hard to eat, think about what that diet should be soft and liquid. Otherwise, ground and biting, herpes affected areas can be damaged and injured even more. Recommend rinse your mouth with herbal teas because they contain tannins, which has astringent properties – drinking tea, it is disinfected and calmed down mouth lining. It is important that tea is not too hot.
First signs of cold sores formation are small pruritus, burning, sore feeling as if a puncture with fine needles. Cold sores square probably already somewhat turgid and soon appears detailed watery vesicles. Constantly new condoms have any further for the next five days to the end of all the small bubbles fuse together and the edge of the lips swell. During the week of the skin damages, scabs dry up, which later dropped, but the lip to heal completely and inflammatory redness would cease to be noticeable, you need about a month and a half. This is the time when all the layers of the skin have time to recover and return to its original appearance.
It happens sometimes that the cold rushes after another lip and unable to properly heal. The result is a scar – red playground on the lips. How to recognize dermatovenereologist these rings are difficult to terminate. Once a person has a cold, he is alarmed, or didn’t have enough of sleep he would feel the discomfort of some other reason, cold is present. The skin has not yet managed to properly heal the virus again found a place on the lips and a red scar redness form is inevitable.

How to get rid of cold sores

Attack fever blisters

Greater herpes virus activity is observed in spring and autumn, is more pronounced when the wind and rain, humidity and sharper temperature exchange. Often, problems arise because the do not know how to reconcile the environment in which we live and what skin care products we choose. Taking care of your health, much more think about what to eat, how to balance the day mode, how much work and how – take a rest.
Herpes virus may try to cure and combat the only at the time of the first appearance of skin symptoms. To avoid blisters and scabs stage once felt itching and soreness, which indicates the activation of the herpes virus, it is desirable to start using ointments or patches, which stops the virus from multiplying and the penetration of new cells. When treatment begins at the stage when the scab appeared, far too late – by their work, the virus returns to the spinal cord posterior horns. There is no drugs or money, the use of which would forever forget about cold sores. At the moment, as long as the virus sits posterior horns, it can not be accessed.

Struggle on the smooth skin of your legs or a brief research on laser hair removal

Laser hair removal in recent years is one of the most demanded beauty treatments. Many women on this process look skeptically, thinking whether it is worth so much to pay for smooth legs. Is this procedure really effective? Extensive reviews of the laser hair removal are neither encouraging nor flattering, so it is likely the real effectiveness of the skin on your leg you can only check by testing it on your own.

Ingrown hairs trap

One of the problems which could lead to think about laser hair removal testing is ingrown hairs. These are well known almost for all women, in some places where the skin was rooted hair slides heal very slowly, appearing spots of pigmentation, scarring and resulted in one leg can become scabs. Shins red can make a thick and sharp hairs that the thin skin can cause inflammation. At such a situation you may have to hide your legs under the socks even in the summer.

The only way out -laser hair removal

Often dermatologist recommends laser hair removal as a solution in the long run stubble. The main benefit – to minimize shaving or waxing times, as well as to reduce the size of the hair to allow the skin to recover and heal.

Besides pruritus and tingling

The most laser hair removal process takes place without the tingling sensation or tingling. Desired part of the body doctor marked pitches and applied the cold gel. It is then treated with a laser in each field separately. After laser hair removal hair falls out only after the second week, and later when they sprout has become visibly thinner.
In the third procedure at the same time, you can feel the pruritus because an increase in the laser pulse. After these times, the amount of hair loss should be already in the most appropriate and most likely they re-grow much thinner than before.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal

As the most frequently cited downside to this procedure is referred to the high price. Laser hair removal if you already decided to make a fairly early age, it may have to experience the fact that the hair to re-grow a lot more than if such a procedure will be carried out around 40 years of age. Consequently, younger women need a larger number of procedures.

Spare no money if you want a good result

Unfortunately, no one can give you 100% guarantee that after a certain number of procedures you can be proud of the smooth legs or underarms. For one woman this procedure may give hoped results and she can forget about the fight with so annoying hairs at the same time other hairs can regrow as they have to also exit laser hair removal the whole course and spent a lot of money.
You may find that the desired results are obtained, as is found as the cheapest service provider, and then the frustration is that the result is far from expectations.
If you really are ready for this procedure better choose a quality service provider, where you may have to pay more, but, in the long run, you will be benefited.

You should know!

• Start your laser hair removal in autumn or early winter, because the demand for this procedure is less;
• Take note that laser hair removal will end about a year later;
• Buy aloe vera gel, which to put on after laser hair removal;
• Find a good doctor with whom you feel comfortable;
• When you shave before laser hair removal workpiece location rubbed it with avocado oil – it slows down hair growth and soften the skin;
• Four days before and after laser hair removal are not recommended to sunbathe;
• Throughout laser hair removal recommended during forget about tanning beds;
• It is not recommended to visit a swimming pool and sauna for at least four days after laser hair removal as well as indulge in dynamic sports training;
• Every day moisturise the skin with body oil or cream.